Men Are Comical At Valentine's

You may have the idea that I'm a sentimental person and you'd be right. However, when it comes to things like Valentine's or anniversaries I don't get bent out of shape if there aren't flowers or cards. On the other hand, when flowers do show up I find it quite touching so I usually take pictures of them......and then save the dry petals in an enormous apothecary jar. 

One of the things I always find amusing on Valentine's is the look on men's faces when they line up to buy flowers. A local grocery store here has one of the best florist shops in the city and every year when I go to pick up something for dinner I make it a point to check out the faces of the men in line. Some have a look that says, 'whew, I think I got it right this year." Others' expressions look resigned to forking over the cash in order to avoid 'that face' when they get home. Hopefully, the flowers will be received with happy smiles.

So if roses show up here I will be touched and very pleased......but between you and me I'd rather have a new filter for the camera. :-D


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