I Have A Thing For Cows

I suppose I don’t realize how often I make comments about cows when I’m in the car with Norm… which makes me wonder what it would be like if I were ever to see a transcript of my own running monologue. 

Perish the thought. 

We were out near Cambridge and, as I’ve mentioned in the past, Norm is especially good at exploring backroads (and finding his way out of them too). We had passed a few farms and I must have said something about looking for cows and he asked, ‘What is it with you and cows?’ I wasn’t sure how to answer that exactly because, after all, most of the time cows just stand there in the field munching. I expect it’s something about their big faces I like...or maybe it's the influence of those Elsie commercials when I was a kid. 

So each time Norm saw cows he’d stop the car and I’d check to make sure the farmer wasn’t around, suspicious that I was from some government agency sneaking about early on a Sunday morning. 

As it happened, the only ones suspicious of me were the cows.  

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