Beware Of Rogue Energy

To a greater or lesser degree we have all experienced a form of rogue energy in our lives. It comes in the shape of another human being who has some type of power or influence over us, whether it's assigned or unwittingly given to that person by ourselves and it can happen at any age or stage of life.

This picture is my attempt to illustrate the effect in our lives when this happens.

The lines on the left represent how a person swoops into our lives with glib charm or flattery which prompts us to open an emotional door to them.

The oval area in the centre is meant to show how this person we've allowed to influence us creates chaos and confusion--our lives suddenly seem to be in a whirl of of emotions like a roller coaster that takes us on highs and lows.

The area on the right illustrates the way this person of influence shatters our lives, leaving broken pieces.

We've seen this in the boss at work or an out-of-the-blue friendship or a mate or a can be anyone but it's always someone with a powerful tendency toward manipulation and control.

All of us have felt times when we've been broken but the human spirit is remarkably resilient and we find ways either on our own, through the wisdom of others or through deeply held beliefs to put the pieces back and create a life stronger, wiser and more empathetic than it was before. Even more, we can use what we've learned and 'pay it forward' by helping someone through their own emotional storm when an energetic rogue affects their life.

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