Vehicular Travails In The Snow

The day I got this photograph was one I'll not forget easily. There was more snow than this picture may indicate and it was the really slippery stuff. After finding a red farmhouse surrounded by snow I decided I'd found the 'picture of the day' and had had enough of trying to keep the car on the road.  As I headed home through the village of Cheltenham, a charming place nestled in a valley along the Credit River.,  the roads were so bad the car wouldn't make it up the hill to get out of the village and on to level ground. I kept trying to get up the hill, would make it about half way and then would find myself forced to back up and attempt another run at it. I started thinking I might be camping out in Cheltenham until the Spring.

When I first started an interest in photography I really had to discipline myself to pay attention to my driving because I would be on country roads keeping an eye open for the day's 'find' which has to be at least as distracting as the notorious texting while behind the wheel.

One day, my car was in the shop for some repairs so I was out in Norm's brand new car. Obviously, I was being especially careful because there's no way ya mess with a man's new car!! Well, it was Spring and the shoulders of the country roads were a bit soft but I didn't realize that. I pulled the car over to be nice and safe and instantly found the whole right side of the car sinking up to the tops of the wheel wells in mud. Not one of my finest moments.

I spent the next hour with the man from CAA as he pulled and tugged the car with his tow truck. The mud didn't give up easily. The rest of the morning I was at the 'spray it yourself' carwash removing all the muddy evidence before Norm found out. I did eventually tell him as well as show him the picture I took of the car on its jaunty angle at the side of the road......but not until the car was about two years old.

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