People Can Be Very Nice

Ever since I began an interest in photography I've had wonderful reminders that people can be very nice.

Many times that has been brought to my attention when I've been out on a country road in the winter and people driving by will stop to make sure I'm okay. Once they see the camera, they will smile and move on with a wave. On finer days there usually isn't as much concern simply because weather and road conditions don't warrant it.

The day I was photographing this flower I was in a patchy kind of pumpkin patch, not far from the side of the road. The farm had been sold the year before to developers so the field had been left fallow and there were a few pumpkin plants growing from the previous year's leftovers.

With my handy dandy yoga mat, I was lying on the ground trying to get a shot of the pumpkin flowers and a woman stopped and got out of her car because she thought I'd collapsed in the field. She actually had her phone in her hand and was about to call 911 and then she saw my camera. It provided a few minutes of conversation, mostly me apologizing for scaring her and thanking her for stopping and then she told me all about her son who likes photography.

So the pumpkin vine flower stands as my reminder that people can be very nice.

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