The Flowers Of The Popcorn Bush

When I was a very little girl my grandmother had a popcorn bush. You may never have heard of one of those before but that would be because it was my name for the bush which produced a plethora of pink flowers that looked like the pink popcorn my Dad would buy for me when we went to the Ex. (If you don't live in Ontario the "Ex" is the Canadian National Exhibition) 

Although I had seen it before, I was about five years old when I actually noticed the shrub with all the pink flowers as we drove up to my grandmother's house.   I honestly thought it was a bush that grew pink popcorn and even asked my mother if we could pick the popcorn and eat it. 

The amused adults kept the secret of the real name and it was years before I knew the shrub was actually called a Flowering Almond.    :-)

This is a screenshot from one of the old family movies.  It's me when I,  and the Flowering Almond popcorn bush,  were both very young. 

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