Fog Foibles

Generally speaking, we don't seem to get fog in this area very often but last winter we had two days that could officially be called pea soupers. One morning the fog was as thick as I've ever seen it so I got dressed and put my make-up on in record time in order to take advantage of the fog before it disappeared. (It's difficult to concentrate on taking pictures without lipstick!)

I had been out for about two hours when I started toward home. During that time the fog had actually become even more dense and I almost ran a red light, which had been impossible to see until I was practically in the intersection. Fortunately, the brakes were functioning properly but the moment certainly had the potential to have put a serious kink in the day. At least the ambulance attendants wouldn't have found me cosmetically challenged. :-D

What really shocked me was the sickening sound of the thud that was my camera hitting the floor of the car. It had been on the front passenger seat and wasn't wearing a seat belt.

A few minutes later, I pulled over to the place you see in this photograph to check that the camera was okay (it was) and I saw that the fog was having a rather nice effect on the river. I got as close as possible, started slipping on the mud and I almost went for a header myself.

Three near-misses in one morning?

It was definitely time to go home.

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