Adora's Art And Photography

Adora, my oldest granddaughter, is an enthusiastic young photographer with a fine artistic eye.  Her collection of photographs are now on her own site.

Shiloh's Fun & Photos

Shiloh is my granddaughter and she started taking pictures when she was five years old.  She has a great eye for a photograph so she now has her own site as she continues to explore the fun of photography.

Book Cover From My Photograph

Evelyn Murray Drayton has used my photograph "Timeless Roses' for the cover of her new book titled, "Anything's Possible: The 47-Day Prophecy."

Available on Amazon

Pressing Toward The Goal

This is my blog of Christian writings--both my own and others.  I've revamped and edited the site recently and included my photography as well.

This is a bit of fun:  

Recently, this image of Alderlea was on the 'Explore' page of Flickr and received almost 22,000 views in one 24 hour period.

Black Creek Pioneer Village Blogsite

I've just finished putting all my Pioneer Village photos on a blogsite -- I had so many pictures of the Village that I decided to put them all in one place.  So if you'd like a 'tour' of Black Creek Pioneer Village click on the title above.

Trying Some New-To-Me Software

I took this photograph of a zinnia a couple of years ago and decided to  try the Akvis software on it. It's an interesting product and while I'm only working with the trial version I may well buy this one.  It has quite a number of interesting 'painted' effects with lots of control.  


Easter Sunday here in Ontario wasn't exactly tulip time and instead it turned out to be a very snowy day.  My husband and I drove to the Waterloo region and happened upon a rather large group of Old Order Mennonites driving home from church.  There had to be between 50 and 75 buggies on the road and most of them were in open carriages and with the snow coming down in close to blizzard conditions it made an uncomfortable ride home for most of them.

The horses were clearly aware they were going home and were trotting with an air of excitement knowing their 'lunch' was only a few minutes away.  These high-steppers were especially looking forward to their warm barn.  

Other photos of that procession home can be found here.

Katie's Pottery

My daughter, Kate Bovin, is a young woman with a remarkable artistic flair in all she does whether it's the volunteer work with which she's involved, her unique way with fashion, the beautiful design she brings to her home ...... and her love of the craft of pottery.  Not only is she talented but she's also generous and when I realized she had been giving away her best pottery pieces as gifts I decided it was time to keep a photographic record of some of her work.   So began my plan to develop some still life skills and use her pottery in the process.

Katie employs some wonderful techniques with glazes and although I like them all one of my very favourites is the glaze she used on the vase in my image of 'Family Gifts' (in the Still Life Gallery). It has a wonderful appearance of leather with almost lace-like edges.  

Pictured above on the left is another of her lovely pieces coupled with cape gooseberries.  In the photograph on the right is a vase which sits in front of me on my desk even as I am typing this.  While it's pictured here with artichokes and peppers, its present use is a holder of pens and markers--very prosaic but lovely because it's right in front of me whenever I'm at the computer so I am able to enjoy it regularly.  

Anytime there's a piece of pottery pictured on the site it will be one of Katie's ......with more to come!

*    *    *

The One Constant In Photography For Me

The two girls on Shiloh's first birthday.  Shiloh is discovering the joy of cake icing.  

Shiloh and Adora wearing 'matchers' dresses.

Ladylike Girls

Loving Sisters

I enjoy photographing a variety of subjects but the one constant has always been family.  Like most everyone else, it's the family photo albums that mean the most.

I'm always fascinated to see the way many photographers specialize in a particular area and become wonderfully proficient -- their photography is always so inspiring.  It appears to me that I haven't quite found that one area of interest (beyond family of course) and so I'll spend some time learning to photograph flowers, which, by the way, I think are far more complicated than most people think.  Or I'll concentrate on reflections.....or Pioneer Village.....or still life.....and so on.  It's all interesting and fine challenges abound no matter what the subject.  

Yet, the one constant is always family and now I have two beautiful granddaughters to fill my files and albums to the brim ...... and to keep me challenged!

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