My Garden Needs A Folly

Of course, it's not actually a folly.....more like a silo wearing a beanie.

I passed this silo on the road south of Georgetown for years and always noticed it. The farm had been long gone and this silo was the 'last man standing'. A while back I decided to stop and photograph it and I'm glad I did because shortly thereafter it was torn down and has since been replaced by a shopping plaza. Now it's a memory.

So why do I call it a 'folly'? As I've looked through books about the English Country House there was often a folly somewhere in the landscaping. It was a popular thing to do in the 18th century and sometimes took the form of a faux Roman ruin. I've always thought it would be fun to have a folly in the garden but a Roman ruin in Canada might be a bit odd. Don't you think? :-D However, an old silo like this one would be perfect.

Well....maybe not perfect exactly. We'd probably have to move the house a foot to the left to make room for it.

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