A Scolding From The Farmer's Wife

I keep telling myself that I need to stop photographing farms but I have always found the appearance, and what a farm represents, fascinating. A number of years ago I went on a Farm Tour which involved real working farms and nothing remotely fancy or corporate. It was before I had a digital camera or was especially interested in photographing more than the family high days and holidays so I think of it now as a missed opportunity, photographically speaking. I've been keeping my eye open for another tour ever since.

I recall one farmer's wife gave me a bit of a lecture because I started talking to her goats--she didn't like it one bit and informed me in no uncertain terms that they were not pets. I hadn't realized a little conversation with a few willing goats was a problem. Actually, the goats were initially afraid of me when I started telling them how pretty they were but after a few minutes they started pushing against the fence hoping to hear more compliments. We were having a fine time until 'the boss' pointed out my misdeeds.

As for Bavaria Farms, I think it 'has it all' as far as farm structures are concerned--the gambrel roof on the main structure, four silos with domes that look like the carnival has arrived.... and it's red. I think its best feature is the silo on the right.....the one that looks like it's wearing a tutu.

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