Next Time Take A Map

I'm not, and never have been, a backseat driver nor am I usually in the position of giving directions to Norm because he knows the roads of Ontario inside and out. When I had suggested to him that perhaps we could take a drive out to the Waterloo area and I might be able to get some horse and buggy pictures he agreed. He knew I'd looked up a map of the area and logically assumed I'd brought some kind of directions along. Meanwhile, I just assumed he could read my mind. :-)

Not wanting to admit to my own lack of preparedness I ended up giving him a few 'bum turns' which isn't exactly the best way to make for a pleasant Sunday drive. Embarrassed, I finally said, 'Don't worry about it. There are plenty of things to photograph.' He finally said, 'You want a horse and buggy, I'll find you horse and buggy. Please just leave the driving to me.'

A few minutes later it was a 'stop the car' moment. I saw this horse and buggy coming down the road and was able to get this shot. Everything was very quiet in the car after the buggy had driven by and then all I heard was, 'I told you I'd find you a horse and buggy."


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